Segmentation of multi volume sequence

Hi , I am trying to segment bone from 4D Ct - multivolume sequence. Because of the displacement of bone from frame 1 to2 and thereafter , I cannot do one frame and do a registration. Looks like I have to manuallu segment each bone for each time point.
My question is
, how can I do that- when I segment on one frame- it automatically edits my other frames , where the bone is in a different position and the spatial dimensions are different. Can I segment each bone manually and save them while keeping there spatial dimensions, please.

To allow segmenting each time point of the image, you need to create a segmentation sequence:

  • Create a new Segmentation node (e.g., by segmenting image at one timepoint)
  • Go to Sequence browser module
  • Click the green “+” button next to “Create new sequence”. This creates a new sequence that will store the segmentation for each timepoint.
  • Choose your segmentation node in the “Proxy node” column in the table (last row). This indicates that this sequence will store states of the chosen segmentation node.
  • Check “Save changes” checkbox to allow modifying the sequence by editing the segmentation node.

Thank you very much Prof Lasso @lassoan
If I may ask, how would I mask other bones when doing a rigid registration of a single bone.

Following are my screenshots
Each tiny bone moves about 30-40 degree angle from the starting frame to the end in my volume sequence. I currently crop each bone using crop volume sequence but cropping does not completely eliminate the effect of other bones., especially when show significant displacement from frame 1 to say 20. I have to include a large area as my ROI when cropping.

Can I do some sort of masking of other bones.


When bones are so close to each other then the mask would be about the bone itself.

Since you can segment these bones without too much difficulty using Grow from seeds effect with the new masking feature, a good approach could be to use “Segment registration” extension to register segments one by one.