Segmentation overlay

Hello everyone,

I am segmenting laser ablation tissue on brain MRI, and I am trying to overlay the segmentations for volume comparison. Is there an option for that in 3D slicer, please?

I think you can just toggle both of your segmentations to be visible and they will be overlaid in the slice views.

Assuming they are segmentation nodes

If you are talking about the closed surface representation in the 3D view, then you can just lower the opacity in order to see both segmentations

Thank you for your reply Ebrahim. To clarify, I am having two segments one from intraop and the other from post-op. These two segments are from a DICOM series each. So the segments are not done on the same series. And I was wondering if 3D Slicer has an option to link these two series in a way that makes the segments comparable side by side or through an overlay for volume comparison.