Segmentation smoothing brush

Could someone point me in the direction of how to obtain the segmentation smoothing brush?
It says it is in the Slicer Preview Releases (Slicer-4.13)…but for the life of me I can not find this. Do I have to download a newer version of Slicer?
BTW great work people…this program is amazing !!

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You can follow the tutorial here. It is under the segment editor - smoothing - median

and collapsable option with smooth brush options. You must enable edit in 3D view for it to work.

Thanks but I do not have that option under segment editor on my Slicer which is 4.10.2
Do I have to download that tool?

Note that it works in slice views, too, and it is automatically enabled there.

Local smoothing is available in most recent Slicer-4.13 versions only.

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