Segmentation Wizard; segmentation to model


using the segmentation wizard, I was abble to perform a perfect segmentation of my ROI. However, my usual workflow of manual segmentation was to do the following:

  • Manual segmentation in segment editor
  • Export to model (using the -> Segmentations option, export to “model” in Export/Import models and labelmaps)
  • Manipulating the model in the model module

However, after using the segmentation wizard, I’m stucked in the segmentation process. I can see my green segmentation (2D slices), but can’t see the 3D view int he segmentation editor. In the “master volume”, the new volume appears ("…thresholded"). But I don’t know how to export this into a model.
I tried different things, choosing the thresholded volume in the segmentation module, added segment and tried to export. But I think, I missed something here, perhaps someone can help me here?

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I assume the output of the Segmentation Wizard is a labelmap. In that case you can create a new segmentation node in the Segmentations module (very top), go to the bottom, import the labelmap to the segmentation (choose Import and Labelmap), then you can export it as a model node in the same section (choose Export and Models).

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Thank you very much, that worked!