Segmented NRRD File is 0 Bytes After Editing


I’m working with a segmented NRRD file and I’m trying to remove certain segments. I wrote the script, shown below, to do this.

It appears to work, however, the output SEG.NRRD outputs the following error when opened:
This NRRD file contains non-short and non-byte data. Short or char data formats are required.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

# Imports
import slicerio
import nrrd

# Pre-defined Variables
nrrd_file_path = r"\Python Scripts\CTChest segmentation.seg.nrrd"
save_path = r"\Python Scripts\CTChest segmentation EDITED.seg.nrrd"
segment_names_to_labels = [('L3 vertebra', 20), ('L2 vertebra', 21), ('L1 vertebra', 22)]

# Load the existing NRRD file
voxels, header =

# Obtain NRRD segmentation information
segmentation_info = slicerio.read_segmentation_info(nrrd_file_path)

# Save new file with extracted data
extracted_voxels, extracted_header = slicerio.extract_segments(voxels, header, segmentation_info, segment_names_to_labels)
nrrd.write(save_path, extracted_voxels, extracted_header)