Segmenting fractured bones

Hello, I am new to this tool and slicer in general but have been running 3d print everything a printing service for years now.
This tool you have is amazing and very useful!
I do have some questions! I am working with UTSW in Dallas on some research projects to export bones and 3d print them for several different research projects.
One would be exporting bones with fractures, would it be possible to train a set so that bones could have a separated crack/fracture segment?
If I could get a quick/easy way to 3d model fractures on bones segmented from totalsegmentator it would make our workflow fast enough to make this useful for future research/patient explanation of surgeries ect
If possible to what would that entail as far as cost and time goes?

I would recommend the SurfaceWrapSolidify extension for this, which was specifically developed for creating 3D-printable models of fractured bones in a way that the fracture is accurately preserved.