Set input data types

Operating system: ubuntu 16.04 / iOS
Slicer version: 4.6
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Good evening,

I guess my question is an easy or basic issue. I have been working with inputvolumes which are usually .nii extension so far. If I want to create the entry for the layout I am doing it this way:

the volume selectors
self.inputFrame1 = qt.QFrame(self.tfgCollapsibleButton)
self.inputSelector1 = qt.QLabel("Input Volume: ", self.inputFrame1)
self.inputSelector1 = slicer.qMRMLNodeComboBox(self.inputFrame1)
self.inputSelector1.nodeTypes = ( ("vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode"), "" )
self.inputSelector1.addEnabled = False
self.inputSelector1.removeEnabled = False
self.inputSelector1.setMRMLScene( slicer.mrmlScene )

Now I need to set input values as integer, float…I have seen that fields in several modules and extensions (as in the image)different_values
but I have not found the code, neither how to set that fields so after introducing the value I could work with it in my python code. Would you show me where could I find this information or how to set that layout fields?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alba,

What do you need exactly? Have you taken a look at QRadioButton Class?

Hi Fernando,

I need an integer input (it can be a float) as this one:

so I can use this value in my code after user has introduced it. Is there any other Qt class which allow me to do that?
Sorry I was not clear enough, but I am saving that information too because it can be helpful in the future : )

Thank you!

There are Qt and CTK widgets for this (spinbox or slider). Check out source existing Python modules in Slicer or read Qt and CTK documentation.

Good evening,

Thanks! I am working with them : )


Hi Andras,
Just a simple question but I am stuck and I am unable to identify whats wrong.

Why I am unable to load any volume in the input combo box.

I am using designers script for the pyhton module.

I did following in updateGUIFromParameterNode

wasBlocked = self.ui.brainVolume.blockSignals(True)

if self._parameterNode.GetNodeReference("inputbrainVolume"):
      self.ui.rasButton.toolTip = "Compute RAS Coordinates from MRI and convert electrode coordinates to RAS coordinates"
      self.ui.rasButton.enabled = True
      self.ui.rasButton.toolTip = "Select brain volume node"
      self.ui.rasButton.enabled = False

In updateParameterNodeFromGUI(self, caller=None, event=None) I did:

    self._parameterNode.SetNodeReferenceID("inputbrainVolume", self.ui.brainVolume.currentNodeID)

in setup(self):

self.ui.brainVolume.connect("currentNodeChanged(vtkMRMLNode*)", self.updateParameterNodeFromGUI)

What am I missing?

I also set the nodetype in QT designer view to vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode

You have forgot to set the MRML scene for the node selector widget. To fix this, in Qt designer’s Signal/Slot editor you can add a connection from the top-level qMRMLWidget’s mrmlSceneChanged(vtkMRMLScene*) signal to the node selector’s setMRMLScene(vtkMRMLScene*) slot.

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Its fixed. Thanks a lot.

How to do in script this thing.

Saima Safdar