set work directory in VMTK/Pypes?

Hi all,

Is it possible to set a work directory and switch to this directory at the start of a text file containing a list of VMTK commands?

I developed a vmtk for an older version of VMTK that I could still easily launch from the command line on ubuntu, but with the new version forcing me to switch I don’t see how I can tell VMTK to look for the input files in the correct directory, and to save the output files in the correct directory.

Or is there a way on windows to launch vmtk in a specific working directory already?

I don’t want to explicitly program the full directory path in each -ifile or -ofile command, because I need to execute this script in multiple directories, so I dont want to have to change each line of my script every time I execute it.

Thanks in advance,

On Windows, you can use %cd% as a placeholder for the current directory, for example ... -ifile %cd%/something.vtp ....