Setting default window/level?

I am working on manually segmenting kidneys for a large number of abdominal CT scans.

For some reason, when I load the DICOMs the default window/level is essentially the same as the CT-Air preset, which is no good for evaluating kidneys.

I am able to right click the scan and change the preset to CT-Abdomen, but it takes several seconds, and over the course of several hundred scans that time adds up.

Is there a way to modify the default window/level settings in 3D Slicer so that I have the option of making all newly imported scans display with a specific window/level?

Thank you!

By default, we apply the window/level that is stored in the DICOM file.

I would recommend to specify your own custom hanging protocol and add a keyboard shortcut to activate. See a complete example here:

All you need is to copy-paste this into Slicer’s Python console. Probably you can delete the part between # Set up view layout and content and # Register keyboard shortcut and remove all the PET related parts.