Shift in Volume Render - Better than I can segment bones

Scenario: When I load a DICOM series of a head, If I go straight to Volume Render and use one of the bone presents, and then slide the “Shift” slider all the way to the right, I get an almost perfectly cleaned up view of all the bones, surgical implants and orthodontics. When I go to the Segment Editor and follow along with the various tutorials to attempt to segment out the bones and implants, I can get something somewhat close…but really no where near the sharpness and accuracy of what the “Shift” operation produces on the unsegmented volume using either of the bone presets.

Question: Is there a way to create a model (or a segment) of what is rendered in Volume Render screen after tweaking the presents and “Shift”?

Thank you.

Hi -

This question comes up from time to time - have a look at this discussion for background on this:

Thank you for pointing me to that thread. I remembered as soon as I clicked over to it, that I had read it a few weeks ago and forgotten about those “small” but critical differences between volumetric rendering and the creation of actual 3d meshes that are the output of segmentation.