Should I resample on z-axis if forcing 2D feature extraction?

Dear all,
I have a question about a problem I am facing.
I am currently working on MRI images with a slice thickness which is either 2 mm (in some patients) or 3 mm (in some other patients). And I would like to extract 2D features.
My question is:

  • Should I resample the images on the z-axis in order to get a common thickness? (e.g. specifying “resampledPixelSpacing: [1, 1, 2.5]”).
  • Or should I not resample the z-axis? (e.g. specifying “resampledPixelSpacing: [1, 1, 0]”), therefore accepting the fact that the z dimension can differ from patient to patient?

Thank you in advance!

Hi everyone!
Is there any idea or suggestion?
Thank you very very much!!
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