Shrinkwrapping tool in 3dslicer

i have a question, in 3dslicer is there a tool like a “Wraping tool” in the Remesher that can be used to fill in the holes of the 3D model. This is an especially useful tool for FEA where holes can cause inaccurate results.
In which i can set the parameters like: Gap closing distance to determine the size of gaps that will be wrapped and the Smallest detail that sets the size of the triangles of the newly created surface

Is this what you looking for ? It can be installed via extension manager and found in the segment editor.

i’m not so sure, this wraping tool is to fill the cavities in the segmentation, am i correct?
What i’m searching is a tool to fill the cavities for a 3d model using the parameters of the triangles of the volumetric mesh

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You could convert the 3d model to a segmentation and use the segment editor to wrap it and then convert it back to a 3d model.
Or alternatively if you can achieve what you want to do with MeshLab, you can install pymeshlab in slicer’s interpreter and apply the same filters on your model in the scene.

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Exactly. You can choose to export the result directly to model, that way you get even higher accuracy (it is especially useful if you still want to maintain thin surface cracks; might not be relevant for your use case).

Which filter do you mean? I haven’t found shrinkwrap filter in MeshLab.

I don’t know of any filter that can specifically do that, but thought to mention it in case they had a way of achieving that in MeshLab.

MeshLab can do many things, but I think it does not have shrinkwrap method or other similar methods that can reliably solidify a mesh.

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