Side by side view: How to enable the green slice to compare with the red one?

So far I can only see the red and yellow one side by side… ANy idea how to see the green and red side by side?

There are many layouts to choose from. Click the layout selector button on the toolbar and choose “Conventional” to get a view where all three views are shown side by side.


You can define any custom layout, with any number of views in any arrangement, as shown here.

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Just wondering if there’s an easier way to customize layout than the snippet you linked? It just seems an awkward way to change and customize layout, rather than having a GUI option. For example in the ‘side by side’ option in the layout selector, I think users should be able to directly select which views/slices they want to display side by side, and whether the split should be horizontal or vertical.

It would be certainly useful to have GUI to dynamically create new layouts but implementation would be significant effort. There are several other areas where investing development time makes bigger impact.

Do you know you can register layouts automatically in your file? You can probably even make it show up in the layout sensor. Would that help?

You can also try the CompareVolumes module (under Wizards in the menu).

Under the hood the CompareVolumesLogic has some helper code that may handle your use cases. It’s shipped with Slicer.

Thanks, Ill try CompareVolumes

@lassoan How do I register layouts and make them show up in the layout menu, that sounds useful

See this example in the script repository: Documentation/Nightly/ScriptRepository - Slicer Wiki