Slice thickness

How can I change the thickness of the CBCT slice for viewing? I’m talking about a function that is in all programs for viewing CT, where I can adjust the slice thickness, for example, 2mm, and still in the 2mm area they will be summed up into one slice

There is no graphical user interface for this (interestingly, over the many years none of the funding projects required this), but you can easily enable this by copy-pasting these few lines of code into the Python console.

If you need this feature frequently then you can create a small Python scripted module for this that would provide a convenient user interface.

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Has this feature been added in recent upgrades? I want to adjust Adjust Slice Thickness on CBCT dicom images.


@lassoan Do you think that you could add a slice-thickness control to Slicer?

The feature is already available in recent Slicer versions. See the topic that @pieper linked above for details.

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