New feature: Thick slab reconstruction from slice controllers and views

Thick slab reconstruction (TSR) can now be enabled and modified from the slice controllers and slice views!

Enabling thick slab reconstruction as well as selection of the composite method (min, max, mean or sum) has been available through the python console.

Now these options are available through both the slice controller and the right-click context menu on the slice views. If the interactive option is selected, the thickness, angle and position of the TSR can be adjusted by moving the slice intersections in the slice views.

Slice Controller (Default) Slice Controller (Slab Enabled) Slice Controller (Slab Enabled + Interactive)
image image image
Slice Viewer (Handle Interaction ) Slice Viewer (Right-click context menu) Slice Viewer (slice intersection & Slab & Interactive) Slice Viewer (Red & Yellow Slab enabled then Linked)
image image image image

These features are currently available in the preview version of 3D Slicer.

Issue 1, PR 1 (slice controller implementation)
Issue 2, PR 2 (slice views implementation)


This slice controller is a very good news!
How can I use it?

After installing Slicer, are you able to enable “Thick Slab Reconstruction” from the Slicer controller ?