Slicer 4.9.0 build error

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.9.0 check out on July 15, 2018
Expected behavior: Build slicer successfully
Actual behavior: Build error occured

Use VS 2013 to build, QT 4.8.7. Build mode: debug, x64.
The following error reported:
…\Modules\Loadable\VolumeRendering\MRMLDM\vtkMRMLVolumeRenderingDisplayableManager.cxx(52): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘vtkMultiVolume.h’: No such file or directory […\Slicer-build\Modules\Loadable\VolumeRendering\MRMLDM\vtkSlicerVolumeRenderingModuleMRMLDisplayableManager.vcxproj]

Any help is appreciated.


Thanks for reporting this.

As described on the Slicer build instructions page, recent Slicer nightly versions require Qt5 and VTK9 now.

To allow more time for transitioning, we make Slicer-4.9 compatible with Qt4 and VTK7 as well. However, we don’t have nightly dashboards for this configuration, so we may not see regressions immediately.

I’ve fixed the build error in r27287. If you update Slicer source code to the latest trunk/master version then build should succeed.

Hi Dr. Lasso,

Thanks for the quick fix! The build is working now.


Great, thanks for letting us know. I would recommend to upgrade your build infrastructure to use Qt5 (this will also switch Slicer’s VTK version to VTK9), as we will drop Qt4 support after releasing Slicer-4.10.