Slicer build error on Ubuntu

Operating system: Ubuntu 17.10.1
Slicer version: latest version
Expected behavior: build successful
Actual behavior: build failed

I contacted you before with my problem with ubuntu 17.10 and you fixed it after I cloned your new version. I encountered this problem while building the slicer and I have no solution for it


This seems to be a duplicate of this post:

yes i want any help because I have been trying for so many times

This seems to be a common error, unrelated to Slicer. Do a Google search for solutions. For example:

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okay I will try thanks

You could install qtbase5-private-dev, the missing file is part of this package.

Sidenote : you can redirect error messages to a text file and copy/paste the relevant part in blockquote, rather than uploading screenshots, it’s hard to read.

Example for an error log file with timestamp :
make -j4 2> $HOME/tmp/slicer_build_$(date +%F_%H%M%S).log

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I will try thanks very much