Slicer build errors on Window 7

My Slicer build on a Windows 7 machine is failing due to errors building ITK and VTK. I’ve previously built Slicer on a Windows 10 machine and am using the same settings with the exception of unchecking the Slicer_USE_GIT_PROTOCOL option since this machine is behind a firewall.

The build is failing to build both ITK and VTK. The VTK error message is:

56>CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:778 (find_package):
56> Could not find a package configuration file provided by “VTK” (requested
56> version 8) with any of the following names:
56> VTKConfig.cmake
56> vtk-config.cmake
56> Add the installation prefix of “VTK” to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set “VTK_DIR”
56> to a directory containing one of the above files. If “VTK” provides a
56> separate development package or SDK, be sure it has been installed.

ITK is also failing to find the corresponding configuration files. I would appreciate advice on what could cause this kind of error.


Has VTK and ITK build completed successfully? (do you see all the VTK dlls in c:\D\S4D\VTK-build\bin…?) If not, then there is an error before these errors are displayed that you need to address first.

Windows7 is not supported anymore by Microsoft, so I don’t think Slicer developers should still support it.

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Thanks @lassoan. I checked and the VTK dlls are not being built. It looks like this error may be the root cause:

28>Error downloading object: data/sample.cosmotools (9dc6346): Smudge error: Error downloading data/sample.cosmotools (9dc63465d864ec7a4546f1d006ca0153a5bb4c78fd4a42d16ad1177dabc70d75): batch response: Post x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
28>Errors logged to C:\S_B\VTK.git\modules\VTK-m\lfs\logs\20190426T120855.9153945.log
28>Use git lfs logs last to view the log.
28>CUSTOMBUILD : error : external filter ‘git-lfs filter-process’ failed
28>fatal: data/sample.cosmotools: smudge filter lfs failed
28>Unable to checkout ‘8d0f441e1b391c6ec4c2662ee1454d8c901733fb’ in submodule path ‘ThirdParty/vtkm/vtk-m’

This looks like it’s still using the git protocol to get VTK, despite this option being disabled in the cmake file? Could this be an issue related to using Windows7?


If you are reusing a build folder, when was the last time you built successfully? If you haven’t built since the transition from ITKv4 to ITKv5 (about a month ago), you’ll want to do a clean build. There have been some other major changes that have required a new clean build to get up-to-date with the current Slicer nightly.

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Thanks @jamesobutler, I am starting from a fresh build folder.