Slicer compatible and 3D capable PACS Viewer in clinical setting?


we are looking for a new system-wide PACS Viewer in a hospital setting.
Is there any advice on a Slicer-compatible 3D-capable product? Does anyone have experience with the Sectra viewer or other recommendations?

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Hi Rudolf -

I’m not sure of any products that are particularly Slicer-compatible. We have been encouraging the vendors to adopt DICOM standard segmentation object, structured report, and parametric map formats with mixed success (this list of participants will give you an idea). You can at least ask the vendors for a conformance statement about the information objects they support.

It also depends on what you want to achieve. For many projects we’ve wanted to let radiologists annotate using their clinical systems, but exporting the results has been a challenge with all systems. For other projects we want to load external calculations for therapy guidance and the navigation systems always seem to have some non-standard back door or other.


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