Slicer extensions: Action required by maintainers

During the past few days, while testing the recent updates associated with Slicer build system, I ended updating some extensions.

List of extension that will be fixed shortly

  • Eigen3

    • missing packageupload: We will probably extend the extension description file to include support for skip_packageupload 1

List of extension fixed: Waiting integration and review of proposed Pull Requests by maintainers

Yes, for these extensions … the work has been done.

Please, consider reviewing and integrating these PRs during this week. We would like to have as much extensions as possible available for an upcoming release. (to be announced)

If you would prefer not to maintain your extension, let us know and we will remove it from the extension build system.

List of extensions failing to configure or build: Action required by maintainer

  • DTI-Reg:

    • TODO: Fix problem with boost (extension is attempting to build boost internally)
  • FacetedVisualizer

    • Fix error fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'vtk_sqlite3.h'
  • FiberViewerLight

    • The extension still requires work to compile using Qt5 and VTK8

    • Fix build error updating code to use itkInverseDisplacementFieldImageFilter instead of itkInverseDeformationFieldImageFilter. This filter itkInverseDeformationFieldImageFilter is deprecated and available only when building ITK with ITKV3_COMPATIBILITY set to 1 and this
      is NOT the case anymore in Slicer.
  • SegmentationAidedRegistration (see gaoyi/SegmentationAidedRegistration#7)

    • see below LASegmenter
  • ErodeDilateLabel (see tokjun/ErodeDilateLabel#2)

    • see below LASegmenter

List of extensions expected to fail to configure or build: No actions required

List of extension fixed and updated

Extension candidates for adoption

List of extension removed from the extension index:


I confirm the SlicerOpenCV error is gone - thank you!