Slicer Jupyter Kernel only listening to localhost(

I am using fedora linux and I have a 3D Slicer v5.2.2 installed. I am using the JupyterKernel extension and everything works fine locally. When I try to access the same outside from WAN, I am not able to access the jupyter notebook. I have made necessary settings in my router(port forwarding). I figured out that when I press the “Start Jupyter Server” button, it starts the server for localhost( usage only. I want to change the visibility from “” to “” so that it can listen to any IP. How can I start the server in a way that it listens to custom specified IP and port numbers. Can anyone give me some directions? I plan to use Slicer for remote visualization.

You can configure jupyter notebook settings as usual: generate a config file and then edit the server address (and many other authentication options). Probably there is just one thing that is not trivial - if you want to run the Jupyter server in Slicer’s Python environment then (instead of jupyter notebook --generate-config), you can run:

PythonSlicer -m jupyter notebook --generate-config
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Thank you Andras! It works! Do you know if I can install SlicerJupyter in a headless server (no GUI) and still have the same remote slicer notebook work?

Yes you can run xdummy or similar software to allow running Slicer on a headless node.

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