Slicer Linux application and extension packages upload will be restored Jan 24th 2022

To summarize, preview Linux build for Slicer application and associated extensions will not be available until we address this (*)

In the meantime, thanks for your patience :pray:

(*) Note that we will also add regression tests to the relevant continuous integration to avoid this specific issue from happening again


While working on updating CMake and compilers (See [1]) used on the different “factories” (aka build machine responsible to build application and extension packages), we also updated the docker images used generate the Linux packages (See [2]).

To be specific, we first updated the dockbuild/dockbuild and then updated the slicer/buildenv-qt5-centos7:latest image specific to Slicer and maintained at Slicer/SlicerBuildEnvironment.

The problem is that simply bumping the python version used in the script imagefiles/ was not sufficient and the python version installed in the image is lacking modules like _ctypes that are required to use the slicer_package_manager python client.



Root cause has been fixed in the following pull request:

Relevant Slicer docker image is being rebuilt.

Issue has been addressed:

  • Image slicer/buildenv-qt5-centos7:latest has been updated
  • Update from the linux “factory” has been manually triggered
  • Download site now show the linux package is available for download (see screenshot below)