Slicer quits unexpectedly

I am working on a research with CT scans. I have a brand new Mac book pro with a lot of empty space and fully updated software. Every time I click segment editor the app unexpectedly crashes. After talking to Apple Care, they confirmed that the problem was within the app and not with the computer. Here is the error message I have been receiving. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Please try if you can reproduce the error with the latest Slicer Preview Release.

Is there any way to recover the data lost when it quit unexpectedly? I’ve lost hours of work when it deleted.

The computer will not allow me to download the new version.

I’ve tested the application on a separate apple computer and it produced the same error notification quitting unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, you can only load the data that you have saved.

This popup is just a standard warning message for applications that are not digitally signed with a certificate. You see this because Slicer Preview Releases are not signed (this may change soon, see details here).

You can search on the web for instructions how to install unsigned applications or you can follow these steps.