Slicer resources in Chinese

(Steve Pieper) #1

There’s a great set of materials from the WeChat 3D Slicer group in China that are worth looking at:

They are very well illustrated and for non-Chinese speakers Chrome / Google Translate does a reasonable job of translating the text content.

(Longquan Chen) #2

interesting! google translator did reasonable job, but we might be lost in translation. we could contact the wechat community maintainer to make the tutorials available in English (only if both sites have the resource to do so). :slight_smile:

(Timeanddoctor) #3

The group will translator some interesting paper after Chinese New Year as I know.

(Marilola Afonso) #4

Thanks for all the information. It is also very interesting for the spanish community. I will try to be aware and help as much as I can.

(Timeanddoctor) #5

Dear Professor Chen,

I have a trouble to translate the word “Pivot calibration” to Chinese.Did you know what is the meaning of Pivot calibration in Chinese.
Your Sincerely

(Longquan Chen) #6

Hi Dr. Li,

“Pivot Calibration” means 枢轴校准, here is a paper about the technique detail:


(Timeanddoctor) #7

Dear professor Chen

Thank you for the prompt reply !

Li Zhenzhu

(Steve Pieper) #8

People following this thread might also be interested in this:

(Steve Pieper) #9

For those who were not able to attend the presentation from Dr. Chen, a recorded version is available at the link below. Fascinating material!

(Timeanddoctor) #10

there is a clone in chinese.