Slicer.util.array: format, grayscale and RGB


I am using the Python console to create a script that handles my imported image as an array thanks to:
image = slicer.util.array('T2IMAGE')

The image is in an ‘nrrd’ format, and it’s a T2 weighted MR acquisition. When I use the above clause, I get a 4x256x256 array (dimensions are correct: there are 4 slices with a 256x256 resolution), but I do not understand the values themselves.

I have noticed that the minimum value is 0 and the maximum value is 32767 (using image.max() and image.min()). How does Slicer reads ‘nrrd’ files?

In addition to that doubt, I have the following issue: the image is supposed to be a grayscale image, but I need to change the value of some pixels to a color . Hence, is there a way to handle that grayscale image as an RGB?

Thank you very much for any suggestion.
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This behavior is probably incorrect. Most likely the software that created this nrrd image used incorrect byte ordering (endianness). How did you create the nrrd file?

When you segment a volume by “painting” voxels you don’t change voxels of the original volume node but you modify segmentation node overlaid on the original volume, using Segment Editor module.