SlicerDMRI Tractography Display, Fiber bundle selection with custom function

Hi, would it be possible to set up different ways of fiber bundle selection other than ROI?

I would be interested in using a sphere for example, simulating a simple volume of tissue activated and displaying overlapping fibers.

I did this locally by exposing vtkExtractPolyDataGeometry* ExtractFromROI; in vtkMRMLFiberBundleNode.h and then calling fiberBundleNode.GetExtractFromROI().SetImplicitFunction() with a vtkSphere.

Any comments, thoughts? Can give it a try making a PR if you found this feasible.

Hi @simonoxen - yes, it makes good sense to me to generalize this. A PR would be welcome. Let us know if you want to discuss or make this part of a Project Week activity.

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Great! I guess I’ll start looking into it. Project Week also works for me!