SlicerMorph extension install problem

I am getting this persistent error when I try to install SlicerMorph onto an older computer after the restarting the Slicer.

Info: In D:\D\S\S-0\Libs\MRML\Core\vtkArchive.cxx, line 39 vtkArchive Error: Problem with archive_read_open_filename(): Failed to open 'D:/Slicer 5.6.1/' Error

This computer does not have D:. There is an E:\ drive, which is Slicer 5.6.1 is install.ed But there are no .updates folder underneat.

When I am installing the extension, i can see the SlicerMorph folder is created, and then when I restart Slicer, everythnig inside the folder is removed with this error. All other extension (MEMOS, ExtraEffects, Markups to Models, etc) seem to work fine.
Right after installing the extension

After restarting Slicer:

Error disappeared by installing Slicer to another folder from the scratch. I think this is related to bookmarks set to auto install extensions, but I cannot be certain.

@lassoan @jcfr

It seems Slicer was moved to a new location when an extension installation was pending (you have not completed a restart, just quit the application). If this happens to you frequently then submit an issue - we could make this mechanism more robust (e.g., remove the pending extension install entry if the downloaded archive is not found anymore).

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