SlicerPACSConnector available for testing


I wrote a PACS connector extension during the last days from scripts I used during the last weeks. This improves the usability of 3D Slicer together with a local (hospital) or remote PACS.

The PACS Connector allows querying for AccessionNumber and SeriesDescription (new possibilities), the latter greatly reduces the size of datasets that need to be transferred into Slicers´ DICOM database because it gets/moves only the series that you really want.

Any comments are welcome, after your adaptations I would be glad to have the project considered to be included in the extension manager.

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It can‘t support Slicer 4.11 ?

No, it needs 4.13, I suggest using the nightly build

Reconfirm this, just tested with Slicer 4.13.0-2021-07-29.