SlicerPathology extension related

Hi all,

I would like to use SlicerPathology to segment specific structures on pathological sections. Initially I have searched Extension Manager but found nothing. Then I have downloaded installation package from github and tried “Install Extension from File” but still failed again.

I have noticed the “issue” section (github link) and wondered if this extension could be accessed now. Besides, I want to know how to install this extension.

Hope for some advice. Your help is highly appreciated.



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Could I know what specific structure you want to segment? As I recall, the SlicerPathology previously only segments nucleus from HE images.



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Thank you for reply.

I want to segment an biomarker cavity (manually placed inside body) from HE/IHC images.

I think maybe I could try it in slicer using “segmentation” module. Anyway I have made it in another software. Thank you very much again.