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To provide additional context, this is tracked by issue SlicerQReads#59, initial set of changes have already been integrated in PR SlicerQReads#56

Answering questions posted in this comment (also copied below for context) should help you move forward.

Two things to check:

  1. Are the relevant changes also in the file contain in the build tree (for detailed see #59 (comment))?
  2. Are there any errors reported in the python interactor (Menu → View → Python Interactor) ?

@jcfr @pieper

Yes, the file in the Package contains those changes. My Package folder name is “C:\SlicerQREADS-Build_4-5-2021\lib\SlicerQReads-4.13\qt-scripted-module. the” file is dated 4/3/2021 3:02 PM. Also, the git log -n1 command shows the result expected. Is there anything else to check?

I tried changing the wait time to 10000 and that did not work.

qt.QTimer.singleShot(10000, _update)

I am copying your answer into issue SlicerQReads#59 and will provide further guidance there.


ok, I actually commented there as well. Thanks

For reference, see suggestions here

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@superlib @jcfr

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A post was merged into an existing topic: How to set initial size of the main window?

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Thanks @lassoan,

I’m finally getting into the tutorials after 14 hour days of urgent changes to QREADS. We finished testing on Friday and now preparing for a big release tomorrow. I’m learning all about HelloPython and the Python Interactor. Hopefully, more intelligent question in the future. Thanks everyone for your patience.

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Hey @pieper! You’ve done a great job with the SlicerWelcome tutorial. Thanks.

@lassoan, @pieper, @jcfr,

I’ve installed Visual Studio Code and the Python Extension, the Slicer Python Debugger Extension, set up remote debugger connection to Slicer and they are connected. In Slicer, I then loaded the SlicerQREADS module and I see no way to load the a volume as in the HelloPython example. No menu bar is visible at the top to Add Data> @jcfr, how do I load the data so that I may then debug the Title bar demographics issue?

@jcfr … also, I have a change for which I need to submit a pull request. Do I have the privileges in GitHub to do that? Can’t figure out how to create a branch in GitHub in order to do a pull request and merge the change into main after approval.

Yes, this is the beauty of distributed version control. You always have right to everything - in your own fork. You make all changes that you want, and then send a pull request to the official repository.

I use TortoiseGit git client on Windows and it makes everything very simple, as I don’t need to memorize any commands but all operations are offered in the right-click menu in File explorer.

Yes, I installed TortoiseGit and it is really nice. I’ll tell my team about it for managing GIT for QREADS. Thanks for sharing that @lassoan

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@lassoan @pieper @jcfr,

Is it possible to position the image scroll slider at the bottom of the images rather than the top?

I’m proud of myself. Thanks to @lassoan helping me today, with TortoiseGit, I was able create a branch, make minor changes, commit, push, and then create a pull request. Lots more to learn, but it’s a start.

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