SlicerSALT Community Survey

Dear SlicerSALT community

The SlicerSALT team is making plans for the continued growth and maintenance of this toolkit. One of the main components of the plan is to seek renewal of the government funding that makes our work possible.

We are looking for insight into the current interests, work, and needs of the SlicerSALT community. This knowledge will help us demonstrate the need for our work to continue, as well as ensure that SlicerSALT stays relevant to all of you. You can help by filling out the attached survey, which will be anonymized before it is shared with our funding agency and the community.

Click here to fill out the survey.

Dear SlicerSALT community,

We are trying to obtain some metrics about our user-base and we need your help.

If you like using our tools, please take a moment today to fill in the survey!

Thank you!