SliceViews - Propagate volume selection is not working?

Dear slicer community,

I’ve been used Slicer from quite a while, and I am currently writing a new module which uses some “old” functions I wrote time ago to automate some interaction with 3D Slicer.

In particular, I need to set the sliceViews to a specific volume I just pushed into 3D slicer. To do so, I used the following functions:

def get_slice_view(color_string):
    lm =
    selected_slice = lm.sliceWidget(color_string)
    return selected_slice


def set_volume_to_slice_view(
    volume_node, slice_node, layer="background", propagate=False
    Assign a volumeNode to a specific view.

    :param volume_node: volume to assign to a specific view
    :param slice_node:  select the slice_node. Could be either the slice_node or the string
                        ['Red', 'Yellow', 'Green']
    :param layer: string specifying the layer where to put the volumeNode
                ['background', 'foreground', 'labelmap']
    :param layer:
    :param propagate:

    :return: True (success) or False (Failure)
    if isinstance(slice_node, str):
        slice_node = get_slice_view(slice_node)

        logic = slice_node.sliceLogic()
        composite_node = logic.GetSliceCompositeNode()
    except AttributeError:
        slice_node = get_slice_view(slice_node.GetName())
        logic = slice_node.sliceLogic()
        composite_node = logic.GetSliceCompositeNode()

    if layer == "background":
        if propagate:
        return True
    elif layer == "foreground":
        if propagate:
        return True
    elif layer == "labelmap":
        if propagate:
        return True
    else:"*** Error assigning volume to slice View ***")
        return False

I tested this same code, and it is working without the Propagate*VolumeSelection() (meaning the propagate flag in my function set to True).

I am wondering if I am using it wrong, it is just my problem or it is a function bug.
As I said, with propagate=False the function is working (however, only a single sliceView is changing), and I replicate the failure directly in the 3D Slicer python interactor.

I am using Slicer 5.2.2, on Windows platform.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.
Great job with the platform by the way!
Best Regards,

You might want to try:

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Thank you very much @pieper, it did exactly what I needed.
I did look into the utils module from the embedded interpreter, and missed that one.

Thanks again.