Smoothing/ Hole Filling problem

Hi all,

So I am having trouble fixing some holes on my Tympanic membrane model. After using the closing holes option for smoothing in the segmentation editor, whilst some holes where repaired some still persist. I have attached a screenshot of these persistent holes.
(upload://aj7bgFRxRORkFpJ4WSQD4RHRwUa.jpeg) PNG Capture2 ![Capture7|550x500]
As well as the TM, other segments of the model have gaps inside the segmentations that need to be closed. I have attached screen shots as well.
PNG Capture8
Any thoughts on how to close all these holes? As fore mentioned the closing holes function has improved the situation but seems to only be able to go so far.

You may increase the kernel size in Smoothing effect to fill larger holes. If large kernel would alter the volume too much then you may need to fill those large holes manually (with Paint effect).

You may also try to slightly reduce smoothing factor that is used for creating closed surface representation from binary labelmap representation (you can access it by clicking the small down arrow button on “Show 3D” button then click on “Set surface smoothing” and adjust the value).

Reducing voxel size in segmentation node may help, too.

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