Smoothing in Surface toolbox has issues working with OBJ file with texture coordinates

Hi all,

It appears that the Taubin & Laplace smoothing in Surface Toolbox does not work well with OBJ format. For example, decimation does not work. Furthermore, when I altered the parameters between the higher and lower ends in Taubin smoothing, there is essentially no difference between the outcomes. It appears that smoothing does not work at all.

original model

Lower pass band & iteration in Taubin smoothing

Higher pass band & iterations in Taubin smoothing

Taubin smoothing works well with the OBJ model in MeshLab. It could be due to the texture coordinates in the OBJ file that disrupts Surface Toolbox functions. When I save the OBJ file in PLY format, the smoothing function in Surface Toolbox works well.

Here is the link to the OBJ file I am using: - Google Drive

Just a follow up, decimation in Surface Toolbox appears to also have issues. For the same OBJ model, when I decimate it to 50%, it becomes like this:

Again, in MeshLab, I tried decimation in Meshlab, such as the quadric edge collapse and did not encounter this issue. Is it more due to the nature of the OBJ file I have or the functions in the Surface Toolbox may not work well with OBJ format with texture coordiantes? Thanks!

That model has a lot of geometry issues - if I enable the Clean step first then the decimation and smoothing filters appear to be working well.


I got the same result. Thanks, Steve!

This model consists of 2033 components and 77819 unreferenced vertices (from Meshlab). If it were “remeshed” into a single mesh, I think you would have fewer issues. The Poisson surface reconstruction filter in Meshlab can do this. It’s still a bit messy though, so it might help to resample the points before remeshing.