Software Developer Job Opportunity at The Neuro (McGill University) in Montreal, Canada.

Interested in a well-paid software position in a great academic environment ( The Neuro is looking for a Senior Research Software Developer ( to work on our IBIS image-guided surgical platform. Leverage your knowledge of C++, ITK, VTK, Qt, OpenGL and/or 3D Slicer! Come help us help patients.

Reasons to apply:

  • well paid, flexible, McGill University benefits
  • working in beautiful Montreal, at TheNeuro, near the mountain and sports centre
  • cutting edge open-source project in image guided surgery
  • work with grad students and surgeons
  • direct benefit to patients
  • 3D graphics, augmented reality
  • rich fun collaborative environment
  • development to leverage/benefit ITK, VTK and 3D Slicer.
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