Spatial registration of meshes

Can we perform Digital image coorelation in 3D slicer?

Can you be more specific?

Does 3D slicer provides us an opportunity to co-register two 3D models?Thats how we perform Digital image co-orelation,first we coregister two models and then calculate strain deformation(build maps on that basis).So I dont think it enables us to perform simulation but maybe there is some kind of library/module which can makes us atleast register two models.
If anyone has some idea kindly let me know.

There are several registration modules for model registration. See this post for details: align two segments to each other

Thanks@ lassoan for your response.I have seen the thread that you have mentioned.
But apparently this ‘Model registration’ is doing registeration of two models based on segmentation(which has been done in 3d slicer i guess).
I want to register two meshes this module able to do that as well?

You can import models into a segmentation by using Segmentations module Import/Export section.

Slicer provides itk::MaskedFFTNormalizedCorrelationImageFilter – digital image correlation can be used to estimate translation in this case.

For deformation, the SlicerITKUltrasound extension provides access to ITKUltrasound, which can compute correlation-based strain.

There are also correlation-based metrics in the ITK registration framework.

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How can i import my mesh.inp into slicer?
I have tried to import it by Segmentations module> Import but it is not working(no dialogue box open after clicking on import).Is there any other way of doing it?
I have to register two volumes(meshes) basically.
I am using slicer 4.8.1.
Operating System:Window 7
Graphic card:intel r hd graphics (core i3)

Loading of inp file format is not supported in Slicer. Either save the mesh in stl, ply, obj, vtp, vtk, or vtu file format instead of inp, or find a converter that can convert an inp file to one of the supported file formats.