STAPLE contour registration

Hi all,
I’m not an experience Slicer user so maybe this has been asked before. I was wondering if something like Majority Vote or Simultaneous truth and Performance Level Estimation (STAPLE) is included in any of the packages available to the community. My problem is that I have several contours (or estimates of the same structure) and I want to obtain a single contour based on the optimal combination of the input contours. Any tips and hints are appreciated.
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Pedro Martinez

It should be included in SimpleFilters, but I’m not seeing it in the current builds. Maybe @blowekamp knows?

This filter was removed from this module with in this commit. The linked commit message only indicate that the filter had an issue with an “Int” widget. However, this filter operates on “N” images and I don’t believe a GUI element was ever created to work with an arbitrary number of inputs. Also, I thought this might be an import algorithm with additional output statistics that might justify someone writing a custom module just for this filter.

We could now use a subject hierarchy tree widget - the user would choose a folder that contains all the input images.