Strange results in model segmentation to label map

Hello, I installed Slicer 4.11.0-2018-10-20 (revision 27509) macosx-amd64. I imported a model as a segmentation and exported this to a labelmap. Using these steps:

Does anybody have an idea where is coming from?

I feel like I miss some key information to understand what the problem is. What was the strange result? The topic you point to seems not to contain such information.


Some nightly builds ago I used the windows version and it worked ok. this nightly build is macosx.

  1. Did you use the same input and method exactly in the two scenarios you’re describing?
  2. Do you have an anatomical image that you used as reference? (The screenshot just shows the labelmap)

Most likely faces in the model are defined inconsistently. The referenced post above was long and it is not clear how you ended up creating the model. If you create it using Segment Editor then the model should be correct and you should be able to import it and visualize it correctly. If you created it using Segment Editor but you still have problems then please share the .seg.nrrd file and the exported model file so that we can investigate.