Stretched CPR instead of Straightened CPR


i want to use Stretched CPR in slicer but i found in sandbox extension in curved planar reformat just Straightened CPR.
like this pic:

Is Stretched CPR in any extensions in slicer?


Currently only straightened mode is implemented. It would not be hard to add the stretched mode - this code part would need to be updated to compute the slice axes so that the two axes are not the curve normal and binormal but the curve normal and a fixed direction. This paper explains the difference between the straightened and stretched mode:

I’ve implemented “stretched” mode.


You can get it by updating Sandbox module from the Extensions Manager tomorrow. Let me know how it works for you.

Hi Andras

thanks alot

it is great work

i will test it and let you know how it works


i updated sandbox but i can not found where it is

It is available in the extensions manager for Slicer versions 5.2.0 (to be released in a day or two) or the latest Slicer 5.3.1 release (not for 5.0.3).


i have to change slicer version