Subject hierarchy doesn't show custom scalar volume node


I’m making first steps in developing custom nodes.
I’ve created vtkMRMLSeis3DStackNode inherited from vtkMRMLSeis3DStackNode. I registered it using scene->RegisterNodeClass(vtkSmartPointer<vtkMRMLSeis3DStackNode>::New());.

When I add to scene my node I only can see it in data module - > “All nodes”.


I can’t find it in “Subject hierarchy” neither in “Volumes” module

My negligence let me down again…
The typo was in header file: I accidently typed vtkTypeMacro(vtkMRMLSeis3DStackNode,vtkMRMLTransformableNode); instead of vtkTypeMacro(vtkMRMLSeis3DStackNode,vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode);

Now I can see my volume on the scene.

Thanks for the update!

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