Surface registration

Operating system:MAC
Slicer version: Slicer 4.0 Slicer CMF

Expected behavior: surface registration
Actual behavior:
have not been successful to register the images that I segmented (a half of mandible without defect then with periodontal bone defects) Since I am trying to register areas that are either very thin crestal bone or absent, I am not able to register so then color maps give me unreliable colored map.

  1. Do you think your company’s slicer CMF has an ability to create registration when there is not enough cortical thickness?
  2. Is there a manual way to register?

I have included a few images for you to understand what I am trying to do.

@erin_hong please feel free to follow up in this post with any specific questions you might have.


Sometime back i had the same problem and tried several options including other software like geomagic and cloudcompare. I got the best results for my problem with CMF ROI registration. I validated the results of superimposition with Model to Model distance and shape population viewer.

I think if you go through the following link you will find useful inputs from many here.

We have done similar things with 3D Slicer and i do not think it is related to the thickness of the cortical bone.

Also why are you segmenting and registering at the first place ? Is it not best to simply do Image registration ?