Switch between multiple images type in one series

Hi, could you please tell me, if there is a way to switch between multiple images type in one series?
I have a dicom study and for one series there are several type of contrast (several images types), for every type imageType is different:
so this series consists of three groups of the same images but in different contrast, when I import this series into slicer and then load them I have only one type of contrast but I want to have all of them in different nodes, is there a way to do it?

Is this a 4D (3D+t) volume? If you enable advanced mode in the DICOM browser, is there an option to load the series as multi-volume?

Are the number and position of slices the same across all the time points? Which DICOM field can be used to distinguish groups of frames within the sequence?

The best would be if you could share an anonymized example data set that we can investigate.

It is just 3D volume, but I have an option load the series as multi-volume. The number and position of slices are the same, but number of slices can be different. To distinguish between these different images you can use the field Image Type, as I mentioned above, they are different for different images. Also, I tried to convert this series by mrtrix https://mrtrix.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference/commands_list.html program and this program separates these images as different series which is the desired result, that’s why I suppose it is possible to upload these images as different series

Are these really different series (have different series instance UID)? If yes, then they should show up as separate loadable items in the DICOM browser.

If not, then you have a few options:

  • Split series by time and load only those that have the same content time. For this, enable in menu: Edit / Application settings / DICOM / Allow loading subseries by time. Then enable advanced mode in DICOM browser, select the series, click Examine, and see if you are offered those subseries that you need.
  • Use MultiVolumeImporterPlugin to load the series as a multi-volume. The importer will recognize the subseries if they can be split based on one the value the listed grouping tags and number and position of frames across all time points is the same.
  • Use dcm2niix to split the input DICOM series into multiple volumes and load them one by one into Slicer.

thanks a lot, the first option helped, just examined and uploaded my data as volume sequence and see the desired results