Switching between CT -lung and CT Abdomen in Segment Editor?

Operating system:Windows 11
Slicer version:Slicer version 4.13.0
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

In “Volumes” you can switch between CT -lung and CT Abdomen. Is there a key-stroke short cut or a quick way to do this in “Segment Editor”?

You can right-click in the slice views to access these via the context menu.

So on Segment editor I can right click on a slice and access a context menu? That does not seem to work.

In addition, is there a shortcut to make all segments visible?

Thanks I updated my 3D Slicer version and found this option.
Is there a way to make all segments visible at once?

If it’s something you use a lot you could write a little python script for it and then tie it to a hotkey. What I often do is multi-select segments in the Data module and the use Toggle Visibility in the context menu; you get quite a bit of flexibility without much clicking.