temporal calibration in 3D slicer

I’m wondering if it’s possible to perform temporal calibration in 3D Slicer as well. According to the Slicer IGT tutorial, temporal calibration seems to require the use of fCal. However, using fCal for temporal calibration also involves pivot calibration. I appreciate any guidance you can provide on this matter.
Thank you.

While there is no dedicated module for temporal calibration, I find it relatively easy to do it with existing modules. Just record the data streams from two devices using maximum frame rate in the Sequences module of Slicer. While recording the data streams, do sudden direction changes with both tools at the same time. While replaying the recording frame-by-frame, you can observe the timestamps and note for yourself how much delay is there between the direction changes of the two tools. If you repeat the measurement 5-10 times, you will get a quite accurate estimation of both the delay and the variability in delay.