The slice views orientation are not aligned with segmentation

The mask appeared in adjacent slices when I was drawing a segmentation in one slice, so I can’t draw a segmentation exactly. I know there is a button in the right side of segmentation that can solve the problem. However, I couldn’t find it today when I add a new segmentation. How to solve this problem?
Thank you!

By default, orientation of slice views are aligned with axes of the segmented image. The warning button is only displayed if they are not aligned.

Thank you, Lasso! It worked after I restarted the computer.

Sorry, the problem still existed when I loaded another series of MRI images. Although the warning button didn’t show up, they seemed to be not aligned. When I use the level tracing to draw a segmentation, the area with yellow border was selected automatically, but the final segmentation was the whole green area when I click the mouse, and the segmentations on adjacent slices were also affected. What was the reason for that?

Please use the latest Slicer Stable Release or Slicer Preview Release and let us know if Slicer still behaves differently than you expect.

I tried the latest Stable Release version 5.0.3, but the problem happened sometimes.

The rotate warning button appears if any of thr views are not aligned with the axes of the segmentation when you switch to any effect.

Is there a way to use “level tracing” when slice views orientation are NOT aligned with segmentation?