The SlicerDMRI extension is currently unavailable.

@fpsiddiqui91 it looks llike you are doing the right thing, just add those paths pointing to your local build.

I fixed a couple things in the windows build of ukf, but it’s still not quite right I’m afraid.

Yeah, It worked. I actually have to add “build_dir/lib/Slicer-X.Y/module_type/Release” Folder.

Regarding UKF. I managed to load the module but unfortunately it’s giving an error of unknown exception.

UKF Tractography command line:

C:/Users/20191382/Documents/Slicer_Extensions/UKF_build3/lib/Slicer-4.11/cli-modules/Release/UKFTractography.exe --dwiFile C:/Users/20191382/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/CABHC_vtkMRMLDiffusionWeightedVolumeNodeB.nhdr --seedsFile C:/Users/20191382/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/CABHC_vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeNodeD.nhdr --labels 1 --maskFile C:/Users/20191382/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/CABHC_vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeNodeC.nhdr --tracts C:/Users/20191382/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/CABHC_vtkMRMLFiberBundleNodeB.vtp --seedsPerVoxel 1 --seedingThreshold 0.18 --stoppingFA 0.15 --stoppingThreshold 0.1 --numThreads -1 --numTensor 2 --stepLength 0.3 --Qm 0 --recordLength 0.9 --maxHalfFiberLength 250 --recordFA --recordTensors --Ql 0 --Qw 0 --Qkappa 0.01 --Qvic 0.004 --Rs 0 --sigmaSignal 0 --maxBranchingAngle 0 --minBranchingAngle 0 --minGA 10000

UKF Tractography terminated with an unknown exception.

Hmm, for this we may need to go back to the debug build.

Hi Steve and all. I sent an email to ask Yogesh to accept your pull request for UKF.

Thanks @ljod - there’s still a link error for me on the windows release build. I hope someone can suggest a fix.

So I believe this is the current state:

UKF is available for Windows today in the preview builds (not 4.10 and it probably won’t be fixable there).

There’s an issue with SlicerDMRI for 4.10 should be working tomorrow (we hope). DMRI is available for windows and linux for today’s preview,. There was an issue with mac builds last night, but probably an the slightly older version from the download page will work.