The speed of import dicom files from directory is very slow. How to solve the problem?

Hi Dear developers and users.

I am delineating the ROI(Tumor) in abdominal MRIs and then extract the radiomics features for further search.

When import dicom files from directory, I found the speed is very slow. And it spent a lot of time on “updating displayed fields”,which needs more than 2 hrs importing one patient MRI data.

How to solve the problem?

The screen print is below.

How many files do you have indexed in the database? You may find that updates are faster if you process one of few patients at a time.

I’m currently working on DICOM browser improvements. I’ll have a look at displayed fields update, probably it can be made faster.

It would be good to profile things - my sense is that the gui is being updated more than needed, but it could also be something in the database indexing.

I have already found a couple of issues around indexing (for example, the file system watcher triggered very frequent database view updates) and already fixed them in my branch.

I may do some more profiling with a large DICOM data set before I send the pull request.

Thanks! I usually add 10 patients data into the database and the database now have more than 150 files.

Thanks!How to check?Or how to solve?

Just wait 1-2 weeks until my updates get into the Slicer Preview Release.