The user-tutorial cannot be readed in China

The user-tutorial(User tutorial | SlicerIGT) cannot be readed in China.

Using OneDrive for hosting the tutorials works very well for us. All project members can access and easily modify the files, we can present materials directly from the site and make corrections and improvements within seconds.

I don’t know why the site is blocked in China. Is it possible that it is blocked by your institution? Can you ask for an exception to get access to it?

Is OneDrive blocked by mainland China’s “Great Firewall”?

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How does a user figure out what is blocked? Is there a reference to OneDrive on the tutorial page, or is this dependency hidden from the user? Would a novice make the connection between where the information is stored and whether it is accessible to them?

It’s important that these basic learning resources be as robust as possible to access. If Ron’s suggestion works for the user, I would suggest providing a link to it from any tutorial page that a user might encounter this problem.

The tutorial page is a page on a wordpress site:

There is a static link to each tutorial, which is generated by OneDrive, for example!3101&authkey=!AAUo9vahA2-tB7g&ithint=file%2Cpptx

Thanks for confirming. Sounds like that to the user, the OneDrive dependency is at least partially hidden (it isn’t explicitly declared, but it might be visible in the link).

If OneDrive is uniformly used, and if it turns out that it’s the reason why the tutorials aren’t available in China, some sort of note like (“Can’t access these tutorials?”) which links off to a workaround page might be the most helpful to a beginning user.

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Thanks for everyone’s kind response. We have successfully browsed the use-tutorial using VPN.