ThreeD view interactive mode

Coule we modify the code about the threeD view interaction to let we interact with threeD view like autodesk maya?

For example,select a node in the data module then transform it in the 3D view.But currently the mouse events in the 3D view are all about camara.Why not use vtktransform to modify the node itself instead of the camera?

This can be done via the ‘Transforms’ module.
Create a new linear transform, apply it to your model, and enable interaction/display in the 3d viewer as shown in the screenshot

In a 3D modeling tool, such as Maya, you often translate/rotate objects using your mouse. In medical image computing you rarely do such free-hand transformations but you typically align objects automatically, based on landmarks, surfaces, or image intensities. Nevertheless, the option is available in Slicer as @rprueckl described above.