TotalSegmentator not showing in module finder, and cannot be uninstall from extension module

Hi, I’ve installed TotalSegmentator but it cannot be found in the module finder. When I open the extension module and try to uninstall TotalSegmentator, a prompt appears: “Failed to open extension setting…”

please give advice how to overcome this problem. Thank you


How did you install the TotalSegmentator extension? Via the extension manager?

Yes, I installed it via extension manager.

I would uninstall everything and delete the Slicer folder.
Then Install Slicer, install Pytorch extension, and install TotalSegmentator extension. It should be found under “Segmentations”.

Have you changed the default Slicer installation location? The screenshot indicates that it is installed into some shared location instead of your user folder. Does your user have write access to that folder?

Thank you; I’m trying this.

No, i use the default Slicer installation location. But the default is in “ProgramData”. (i’m trying to reinstall it). Should i install it in different location?


Hi Professor. I’ve re installed it, and it works. Thank you very much! :blush:

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Hi, Mr. Lassoan, I’ve installed the totalsegmentator and it works when I’m trying to use the total option. But when i use bone extremities option (i’ve already got the bone extremities license for student), it gets this error. Please enlighten me

did you import the weights for “bones-extremities”?

yes, i did Prof. Or does the “bone extremities” weight different from “Task278_TotalSegmentator_part6_bones_1259subj”?


Jakob @wasserth could you comment, please?

Sorry Prof, I just realized that I failed to activate the student license. Where should I run the student license that I’ve got? the “totalseg_set_license -l aca_xxxxxxxxxxx”

Which version of TotalSegmentator do you use? Please do the version check in the extension

I use the 399cde2 version of TotalSegmentator. What should i do?

Just import the zip file that you have received via the import button of the extension. Putting in a license number will be implemented in the next version of the 3D Slicer extension, using TotalSegmentator v2, which is currently promoted on the TotalSegmentator GitHub page.

If you have just received a license number please contact the developers and explain that you need the weights as a ZIP file as long as we have not yet updated the 3D Slicer extension.

I’ve imported the zip file like in the screenshot above, but it still error. :pensive: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Two alternatives:

Locally install Totalsegmentator v2 as described on their GitHub page and run the tool manually without 3D Slicer or wait for the Totalsegmentator extension getting finish so it accepts a license number.

Thank you very much Professor. :blush:

Hi Professor. I’ve been able to use TotalSegmentator v2. But how can i use the output in 3D slicer?

I’ve try to import it, but then i see nothing on 3D slicer